Dedicated After-Hours Emergency Repair Services

Strata industry professionals partnering with TBS that results in the consistent allocation of general and scheduled maintenance and repairs during hours, also benefit from access to our dedicated after-hours emergency repair service. This exclusive service provides your clients with 24-hours a day, 365-days a year trade support when they need it the most.

Our dedicated after-hour emergency repair service guarantees after-hours triage and prompt action to minimize the impact of any trade-related emergency that occurs on Owners Corporation property.

We possess the capacity and capability to assess, triage and dispatch the appropriate trade (i.e., plumber, electrician, shutter/make-safe team and restoration technicians) at all hours of the day and/or night.

We provide Owners Corporations and Strata Managers with this valuable support across weekends, public holidays, and extended office closure periods such as Christmas breaks. Strata Managers can relax, knowing that outside of business hours, the Owners Corporations in their care, are in good hands when emergency repair assistance is needed.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and carry out detailed triage of each emergency. We focus on delivering the best possible results in every instance.

Speak with us today to learn more about how a structured approach and allocation of daily maintenance works will support your access to our fully comprehensive after-hours emergency repair service to provide you and your Owners Corporations clients with peace-of-mind.

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