Our Process


Work orders are triaged to identify and understand the nature of the reported issue and whether it is a private, common property or insurance-related matter.

  • Teams of trades are strategically located across our service areas to ensure a timely response.
  • We have the ability to scale-up during large loss events.
  • We understand we are representing your team when providing Owners Corporations with assistance and we always act with professionalism and respect in a way that you can trust.
  • We possess the extensive experience to distinguish between private vs insurance vs Owners Corporation and required action (if any).
  • We send a detailed report with images if needed, directly to Strata Managers on the next business day pertaining to any works that were conducted after-hours.
  • We will automatically escalate, attend,¬†and lodge claims to insurers where required, resulting in significant time and cost savings to Strata Managers and administration teams.
  • We can automatically direct callers or escalate to embedded Owners Corporation trades issues that TBS cannot facilitate (e.g. lift outages, fire service system faults).
  • All work post after-hours emergency repairs is completed diligently and with care to minimize inconvenience to residents.


As a dedicated and exclusive building, construction, maintenance, and insurance repair service. TBS possess a range of unique advantages that directly benefit Owners Corporations and Strata Managers.

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