Insurance-Related Building Work

TBS are preferred panel contractors for Australia’s major strata insurance providers. We possess strong commercial experience in managing the claims process for Owners Corporations, end-to-end.

These strong and productive commercial relationships result in the saving of precious time for Strata management staff, allowing you to spend more time with client, and less time on complex paperwork.

Partnering with TBS means that you have peace-of-mind that insurance claims are being managed in systematic and compliant way resulting in premium service delivery to your clients.

Comprehensive Claim Coverage

Our expertise extends to managing a wide spectrum of claims, ranging from minor instances of water damage to significant events like fires or storm-induced roof damage. No matter the scale, we've got it covered.

Quick Work Commencement

At the outset, our construction projects swiftly kick off, ensuring prompt initiation within the boundaries set by the authorities, thereby upholding compliance with relevant limits and regulations.

24/7 Support for Strata Teams

Our full team of office-based staff, supervisors, trades, and consultants are here to support strata management teams, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to manage claims.

Effective Communication for Cost Savings

Our extensive communication, liaising and reporting to assessors, insurers and brokers provided strata management teams with direct time and cost saving benefits allowing them to spend more time with clients.

Direct Claims Handling

TBS takes care of preparing and lodging claims directly with insurers. Claims correspondence to insurance companies is copied into strata management staff via emails to provide complete optics to strata staff throughout the life cycle of a claim.

Efficient Works Management

We then prepare a scope of works estimates, managing works, completion of works and liaise with insurers/brokers/assessors/owners/agents, etc. that results in significant time and cost savings to strata management teams.

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Have questions or need assistance? Contact us now for reliable Owners Corporations maintenance and repair services. Our team is ready to provide prompt and professional solutions to meet your specific needs.

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